Removing, managing, and storing greenhouse gases

MIT Faculty and Researchers

Desiree Plata (lead), Saurabh Amin, John Hart, Charles Harvey, Harold Hemond, Asegun Henry, David Hsu, Jeremiah Johnson, Sheila Kennedy, Heather Kulik, Leslie Norford, Shuhei Ono, James Paradis, Yuriy Román, Yang Shao-Horn, Zachary Smith, Michael Strano, Yogesh Surendranath, Timothy Swager, Jessika Trancik, Bilge Yildiz

External Collaborators

Valerie Karplus (Carnegie Mellon University / MIT), Amy Mueller (Northeastern University)

Research summary

Climate scenarios that limit changes in global temperature to 1.5-4 degrees Celsius require methane controls, but few such technologies exist. We seek to drive down methane levels by inventing scalable new technologies, businesses, and policies within a framework of social justice. Guided by an understanding of Earth and industry, we seek to convert methane to value-added or reduced-warming substances, lower primary methane emissions dramatically through land use change, create policy test beds to inform effective legislation, and chart a path to a decarbonized future. Methane control measures are uniquely poised to have a large and rapid effect on the rate of warming, and intergovernmental agencies urge 45 percent reductions at once. Our integrated approach provides tractable paths to achieve this by acting across a spectrum of sources, leveraging synergies in fundamental discovery, and constructing accelerated implementation plans that are economic and equitable for measurable impact within 10-20 years.

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