Using data and science to forecast climate-related risk

MIT Faculty and Researchers

Brent Minchew (lead), Carolina Bastidas, Camilla Cattania, Pedro Elosegui, William Frank, Janelle Knox-Hayes, John Marshall, David McGee, Nori Nakata, Sai Ravela, Brent Ryan, William Wheaton, Andrew Whittle

External Collaborators

Charles Werner (GAMMA Remote Sensing), Urs Wegmüller (GAMMA Remote Sensing)

Research summary

We propose an integrated multidisciplinary effort to quantify the risks of sea level rise (SLR) in this century and to provide actionable information and tools to manage these risks. To improve probabilistic projections of SLR, we will develop new technologies that allow us to collect unprecedented data in the most vulnerable areas of the ice sheets and learn physics from these data. This includes a new high-altitude, long-endurance drone that can fly in the stratosphere for months at a time, continuously collecting the highest time-resolution data available from a new lightweight, low-power radar. To address the costs of SLR, we will develop methods to estimate costs associated with the increased incidence and severity of flooding due to SLR. Our manifold contributions to risk management involve helping communities and governments develop inclusive policies to adapt to SLR and improving engineering design and investment strategies that consider both “grey” and “green” infrastructure.

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