Decarbonizing complex industries and processes

MIT Faculty and Researchers

Yossi Sheffi (lead), Matthias Winkenbach (lead), Christopher Caplice, Henry Chen, David Correl, Jarrod Goentzel, Xiaotong Guo, Angelo Gurgel, Annie Hudson, Milena Janjevic, Jonas Lehmann, Sergey Paltsev, Anson Steward, Josué Velázquez Martínez , Shenhao Wang, Jinhua Zhao

MIT Schools/Affiliation

External Collaborators

Benny Mantin (University of Luxembourg)

Research summary

Freight mobility is a key enabler of economic growth, as well as social and technological progress. However, freight transportation and logistics is also one of the fastest-growing sources of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is expected to produce 8.1 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent per annum by 2050. It is also one of the hardest sectors to decarbonize. Our proposed research spans the entire freight transportation value chain to devise a comprehensive set of interventions and policy recommendations that yield the required emission reductions to attain carbon neutrality of this sector by 2050. We consider synergies with people mobility and assess knock-on effects across all economic sectors and regions. Our work will inform a roadmap towards carbon neutral freight transportation, which will guide pilot implementations with global industry and policy partners to test, validate, and refine our proposals. We aim to mobilize a critical mass of stakeholders to transform the freight transportation industry.


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